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B. LED Lighting

01.LED Batten


SONIC LED - SB T8 Bare Batten Series

LED T8 bare batten provides maximum light output and energy ecient solution. Ideal replacement for traditional uorescent T8. Suitable for a wide range of general lighting applications.

Suitable for indoor application, corridors, staircase, walkway, lift lobby and schools.


SONIC LED - SFB2 Slim Batten Series

Surface mounted economic slimline batten in either single or double T8 LED lamp. Provides maximum light output and ease of installation.

Suitable for indoor general lighting, corridors, staircase, walkway, lift lobby and schools.


SONIC LED - SCR T8 Weatherproof Series

IP 65 weatherproof light fitting is a durable, robust polycarbonate base and diffuser. Gear tray retaining strap for easy installation and maintenance. Knockout and IP gland supplied for connections and through wiring. Use only the fixing brackets supplied, screws should not be used directly through the base.

Ideal for car parks, loading bays, corridors, warehouses,workshops and laboratories.


SONIC LED - SD T8 Daikon Diffused Batten Series

Daikon diffused batten provides visual comfort by reducing direct glare from the light source. Features with plastic snap-on endcap design for simple installation. Various type of diffuser for good upward light distribution and greater aesthetic appeal.

Suitable for indoor application, corridor, staircase, walkway, lift lobby and retails shop.


SONIC LED - SWG T8 Vandal Proof Batten Series

Specially fabricated to incorporate a built-in camlock or padlock. Prevention against pilferage or any acts of vandalism. The wire guard is hinged on one side of the casing of easy maintainance and installation. Discrete appearance achieved with adjustable lampholder. Cover plate held securely by treaded nut, offering large screw area using hand for fast installation.

Ideal for car parks, staircase, loading bays, corridors and liftlobbies.

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