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A. Smart Solutions



Smart plug

Control your home devices on/off anywhere via the mobile app.
Automate your home appliances by setting customized schedules.
Switches on/off the smart plug manually using the button on the front panel.
Slim design fits with standard wall outlet and leaves the second outlet free.


Smart Connector - Micro

Turn your existing in-wall switches into smart switches.
Hidden within the walls of your home.
Controls your lights on/off anywhere via mobile App.
Automates your home by setting schedules.
Slim design fits with any kind of switch.


Smart Connector - EU

Make Standard 0-10V dimmable fixture connected.
Predefined light modes for single or open-plan office, corridor, staircases.
Simple installation outside of luminaires, e.g. troffer.
Each control unit controls multiple dimmable/switchable luminaires.

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