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P. Vietnam

03.LED Wall Washer



1. Utilizes silicone glue seal, Compressed Mechanical seal technology and air pressure balance air valve to solve the waterproof protection problem caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Note:Thermal expansion and contraction cause pressure difference between internal and external of the lamp body, mist in interior lamp body and the waterproof problem and etc. silicone glue seal. Compressed Mechanical seal technology and air valve is to solve this basic problem of the outdoor wall washer.
2. Dimmable and worked with DMX:+ The LED wall washer can be dimmable with LED Dimming Controller(s)+ RGB version can be working with PWM RGB LED controller or RGB DMX version can be working with DMX controller emits colorful lighting changing eect Over 16 million possible colors with red, green and blue LEDs.
3. Advanced heat dissipation mechanism: The internal heat management system for the LED washer light enables the fixture with a higher stability and longer LED lifetime under -10~to 50 working temperature.
4. Cleverly adjustable brackets design:side to side and 180dgree angle can be adjustable freely. The mounting holes on the brackets help to mount the fixture simply.
5. With Strong impact resistance tempered glass cover.

LED wall washer is widely used indoor and outdoor backlighting,such as KTV, clubs, bar, hotel, stage, factory, showroom, billboard, architecture, building walls, court, part, square/plaza,garden, gymnasium, sculpture, tree decoration, art gallery, floodlight and commercial lighting, etc.

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