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B. ECO LED Lighting

3. LED Diffused


AURORAS LED - ECO SAC T8 HD Fitting Series

Designed for exposed T-bar ceiling grid. Diffuser designed innormal hinged for either side for easy maintenance. Providedeven light transmission, combined with a very low luminosityat angle approaching the horizontal surface. This range wasdesigned to minimize glare and maximize light output andvisual comfort together with a good degree of protection.

Suitable for locations where good horizontal illumination isimportant.


AURORAS LED - ECO SAC T8 Clean Room Fitting Series (IP54)

Designed for recess mounting ceiling. Diffuser designed innormal hinged type for easy maintenance. Provided even lightdistribution glare control and maximum light transmission.Optional convert to IP54 rating type with gasket to preventthe build-up of dust and dirt. Mainly used for technicalworkshop, laboratories, offices and supermarkets.

Ideal for offices, retail stores, stores, supermarkets, schools,hotels, factories, car parks and other indoor places to use.

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